About us

About Us

Eco-Trust is one of the well organized leading manufacturing company of Premium quality eco friendly Paper Pencils, Paper ball pens & Notepads, diaries & recycled paper articles, Conference Jute Bags, corporate kits etc.. Eco-trust’s eco friendly stationery is known with brand “Rekrit”. The word “Rekrit itself means to Re-create/Recycle the things out of waste resource.

We are aware of Single used Plastic have very serious bad impact on our environmental system thereby Human Life too. Overall SWM is now big problem in front of our society because on increasing landfills & rivers water pollution. Global warming is wide open jaw for mother earth & therefore now we need to act very responsibly & eco sensitively for preserving the nature around us for coming generations.

After doing lot of market study of existing stationery World we found that huge amount of plastic and regular forest wood is consume to make these items daily!

Considering above Eco sensitive Facts, Journey of Eco-Trust had began towards upcycling the existing waste paper to make eco stationery items.

CEO Mr. chetan has started their mission with developing eco-friendly paper pens as a sustainable alternative against plastic pens. And over this journey Mission has become wider to develop wealth out of waste resources by recycling & reusing it.

To Achieve our dream we offer green products with the ability to either Recyclable or Biodegradable or Compostable in nature.

  • We are manufactuer of Recycled Office Stationery - Paper Pens, Paper Pencils, Diaries, Notepads, Plantable stationery etc
  • Plastic Free Corporate Gifting Packages - Welcome kits, Festival eco Kits etc.
  • Jute Gifting Packages- Laptop bags, Conference bags, Customized Jute bags etc.
  • Bamboo Gifting Packages- Creative Bamboo Articles with customized brand names(Promotional Arts)
  • Plantable Seed Paper articles - bookmarks, greeting cards, Calendars,visiting cards etc
  • Conducting Eco awareness programs & special drives in Schools, Colleges & Corporates for promoting “Plastic Free World & Sustainable Lifestyle”!

Our Work Philosophy Based On 5R Principle, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace !











In Order To Reduce the Carbon Footprint; We Are Also Active In Conducting

  • Eco Awareness Programs in Schools/Colleges /Companies.
  • Conducting Drives for Waste Paper & Plastic Collection.

We Are Serving Many Corporate, Pvt./ Social Organizations, Institutions With Our Services Of Waste To Wealth With Best Quality Products.

Presently many schools & colleges in Maharashtra, using our eco stationery items. We are running waste paper collection drives in & providing eco stationery in exchange to them , our this green initiative is becoming best example for routing the Circular economy psychology in the students.

CEO: Mr. Chetan Kothavade


Product Design engineer (Playing major role in organization for designing & developing sustainable alternatives against plastic products)

Directors message :

“Sustainability is not the Trend, but its visionary lifestyle towards the Nature for our Upcoming generations”- Chetan Kothavade (An Ecopreneur)!!

Our main goal is to to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic footprint in the surrounding.

“Let’s Club Hands Together To Save Nature!!”


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