Eco-Friendly Pencils


Eco-Friendly Pencils

"Your today's newspaper can be your tomorrow's Paper Pencil"

Pencil is the most important stationery item which is massively used by school, college students all over the world. And so to fulfill the requirement of the market huge wood is consumed for its production. Nature’s destruction is leading to the global warming and many such horrible impacts.
When you use eco-friendly pencils instead of a regular pencil, you are helping to save the environment.
Plantable pencils are provided with different kinds of seeds like tulasi, marigold, fenugreek, zinnia etc. These pencils/pens after use if you put in the soil & water it properly it will grow into trees or flower plants or vegetables. These plantable pens & pencils promotes for afforestation & thereby reduces carbon footprints.

Why should we prefer? : Rekrit Paper Pencils : Upcycled from waste paper to plantable Pencils :

  • Paper pencils are made from 100% recycled Paper or waste news papers.
  • No trees are harmed hence reducing the cause of deforestation.
  • No any chemicals are used for manufacturing process & Hence safe for the kids.
  • Typical rolling process make the paper tightly wrap around lead, so perfectly round in shape & no breakdown during sharpening the pencil.

Do you know?

It is estimated that over 8 million trees are being chopped annually to produce pencils
Nearly 85 billion tons of paper wastes are generated each year and 40% of them end up in landfills
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