Eco-Friendly Pen


Eco-Friendly Pen

"Your today's packaging waste can be your tomorrow's plastic free Pen"

Ball pens are the most important stationery item which is massively used by school, college students all over the world. And so to fulfill the requirement of the market huge plastic is consumed for its production.
Rekrit Paper Ball Pen is the best alternative for plastic ball pens that are commonly used. These Paper pens are made from 100% recycled paper which is collected as waste paper & waste news paper. These environmentally sensitive pens are made with rolling process in our plant.

Do you know?

27 lacs Plastic pens are produced per day
There are no organized ways for recycling of plastic pens

Prodcut Specifications:

  • Pens Made of 100% Recycled paper
  • 100% Biodegradable Body
  • Reducing the carbon footprints
  • SAY NO to Plastic
  • With Plantable seeds (Tulasi , Flowers , Vegetable etc.)
  • Environmentally Responsible Product (#Sustainability)

Additional Characteristics :

  • Smooth in writing
  • As these pens made from recycle paper Naturally it gives good grip quality
  • Cost effective Pens with Eco sensibleness
  • Best alternative for brand promotions & corporate gifting
  • High Quality standards are followed while manufacturing with Recycle Pens
Plantable Paper Pens
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