ECO Awareness Program

Eco awareness by Eco-Trust

Sustainability & product awareness Campaign
Eco trust is running campaigns & Conducts eco-awareness programms for schools & colleges and making students aware about the Circular Economy through Upcycling of waste resources. Also we conduct Paper, Plastic & E-waste collection drives in association with school management. We have conducted this progarm in around 25 Schools, 12 Colleges, and 5 Companies.
To reduce the carbon footprints in surroundings, we all need to act nature sensitively. Eco-trust is practicing Refuse_Reduce_Recycle & Reuse in order to develop best eco sensible alternatives for the schools, colleges, corporate & gifting industries etc.
“Let’s Club Hands Together To Save Nature!!”- Eco-Trust
To Reduce the Single used Plastic percentage in Daily lifestyle is now our Social Responsibility towards Environment.
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